CD: George Harrison Remembered (Signed)

This limited edition version of the CD has been autographed by Louise Harrison, George's sister, and Joseph Breznikar.

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 It was late Spring or early Summer 2001 when I was speaking with my friend Joe Breznikar about my brother's admiration for the classical guitar music of the famed Segovia.

 Joe, being himself a renowned classical guitarist, also knew very well the music of Segovia. Around that time were a great many rumors in the media regarding my brother's ill health.

 Joe was also an admirer of my brother's music and he suggested that he prepare some solo classical arrangements of George's music and make a personal recording to send to George as a little Christmas gift to cheer him up. I agreed that a classical guitar rendering of some of George's own music might make a welcome Christmas present for him and so we happily set about making this project.

 We all know that George was not here to receive any Christmas gifts in 2001. However, much thought and effort had gone into its preparation, and so it was that we decided to continue and make the gift... after all, George will still get to hear it... but it will offer to others the opportunity to hear George's beautiful melodies interpreted in this unique way

 This album has been made with great love and respect for my brother. I feel sure all who hear it will recognize this effort.

 LH (Louise Harrision)

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